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    it's a deadened burden, dear  , you've b eco m e.
  an apotheosis carcass.     a conjoined twin
     withered at my abdomen.  i would rid me of you
                if i wouldn't float off without your presence.
   nonentity boy, deexistence vector: i was
         all you were . . . then you outfiltered me.

   depleting the oxygen on a per atom basis:
  suffocation, child, is what you've come 
      to embody; a passivity structure; the
     aggressor of me.  it is perfectly fine to
dilapidate me // /\ \ \ \ // / [right.]  child i my Apotheosis i
                        i   wa i te d for  YOU i endured fo r Y O u i 
                              endur ed   Thr o ug h you i' ve become
                        o N L y yo u    but
                                you don't exist like you used to exist
                                  i never became what you wanted me to
       found a place on the map, distinctly drew in my name,
colored my boundaries in purple -- so   i  so ld out!?  i
         sold away you?     Apotheosis i still breathe for you,
     nonentity child! --i still solely own you and 
                   you/'/r/e still /s/o   /t/er/r/ibl/y/ /P/eR/F/E/c/T/ 
in my head   [[   but it throbs now    ]

   so you wanted to desecrate me       you succeeded.
       knew you weren't lesser than me      you were right.
           thought i might not be quite so omnipotent,
  so spongelike/absorbent  / / . . .all-encompassing
     you were right, you succeeded, it's over

 nonentity boi, i still cling to you, and i clutch you to me
tho you fled in abhorrance.  Apotheosis child, you sank deep into me,
   i lost me in you much too quickly.   and
                                               now all that remains is self-pity.