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extens0rs and outgrowth.

 electroshock, great barrier: constricted with
   delusion, and weak grasps at attachment.  i
spent seasons palpating mortality, and
  comprehending the coldness that grows inside me: 
the incarnation of chasms,
  duration bound by phantasms,    and 
      how incongruence with masses 
        can contort into knifethrust.

[  i  absorbed  affliction,
         restricted   the ruin,
  that         it was   all as pro  m is e d]

oh dread loneliness, how your extensors and outgrowth
are too worth embracing . . . how the seed of neurosis
entrenches, then  settles and strengthens.  how 
 even deprived of all stimuli,
    it rouses and alters the conscious.  and
  this dreary depiction, reverberation
  of burdens   lucid with each lung contraction.. . .
it's pressure from inconsequence of action, and  how 
    i  wither  and  weaken  beneath it

(c)2000   nitr0tiC