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aural fiXXationS


collide&glide e.p (03/2003): the void, cold skin, the human race is a waste, saving the stars, that far, mirror mazes, blud. 2 bonus tracks

end of the world e.p (01/2003): post-apocalyptic, new art, after the fall, turnaround, numb is me.

fade+swirl e.p (12/2002): head is a sound place, julien fade+swirl, bulb would burn, suburban massacre, find a way, handle the planet. 2 bonus tracks

2 improv tapes exist, including sicksad demo (2001) and theylie demo (1999)

bsides to churn yr ears:

recover (<1mb): dysphoric
post-apocalyptic (2.9mb): poppy
new art (3.5mb): raucous
ravage (3mb): atonal

all musik (c)2002-2003 nitrotic!!