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end of the world e.p.

1. post-apocalyptic
2. new art
3. after the fall
4. turnaround
5. numb is me
END OF THE WORLD e.p. was compiled 27 jan '03 from recordings from 05 jan '03 to 27 jan '03. songs selected with emphasis on grittiness.

gear: ibanez RG570 guitar in whatever weird tuning sounded good at the time, a singing christmas tree unidirectional microphone, fostex MR-8 multitrack recorder, & old casio keyboard

lyrics to "after the fall" adapted from '02 poem "grand trepidation." occasional phrases in "new art" taken from '02 poem "end for atrophy" and '00 poem "episomething."

B part of "numb is me" ("glowing schizotype") originally written '99. all other songs written jan '03.