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cicatrix scenery

0spindly-armed one: yr eyes are as wide
as the space between us.

that comfort creature, collided with the provided
visionary haze. caused static. left dazed.
closed curtains. and now beatifically amazed

at your pools of saline, and the dried blood caked
beneath torn fingernails. and: yr cicatrix scenery. and how
your hands quiver, defenseless, making movements
without yr discretion.

raking spasms, sputum and wobbly inhalations: clasp at
the air, clasp madly, madlier, as though
breath meant
to us. you're just some flawed prototype
of an entity that was never, never
meant to be. oh flutter yr spindly arms: oh leap
from that roof: oh please find some way to die with

more glamour than you were born with

(would spare us some saline)

(c) nitrotiC