Sample 1
Sample 2

If Sample 1 is the same as Sample 2: Click on the gif links
If Sample 1 is distinctly orange, and Sample 2 is brown-ish: Click on the jpg links

Keri, Gia, Jenny, Justin, Jeff, Leeza, Amanda, Jenna [after school]: gif jpg
Jenny, Jeff, Leeza [after school]: gif jpg
Adriel, Jeff [after school]: gif jpg
Bean, Adriel, Chris [after school]: gif jpg
Adriel [at the phones]: gif jpg
Justin [at the phones]: gif jpg
Megan [at Earth Club]: gif jpg
Rachael [at the play]: gif jpg
Twiggy [in her kitchen]: gif jpg
Adriel, Chris, Jeff [at the play]: gif jpg
Jeff, Chris [at Greek Tony's] gif jpg
Jeff, Jenna [at Greek Tony's]: gif jpg

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