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"It is no longer possible to speak the state of one (sub)system in isolation from the other (sub)systems. Instead we are forced to deal with the states of subsystems relative to each other. " --M.C. Price, 1995

relative-state metatheory

[an irrational thing to explain an irrational thing]

late nights he would watch the digital blood
shift into programmed positions;

the clock was like quanta. he could have been Rome.
the change from some interference -- the concept sown--

suddenly, lucidly, he could parse mitosis
and the divisions the universe went though.
in his core, the vibrations of all the most similar selves:

one in which he sneezed and soiled his shirtsleeves,

a second in which his foot twitched, and a third where it itched,

and a fourth which the enlightenment missed.

choice was irrelevant. he would experience them all.
acceptance was irrelevant. he knew it to be true.
it would continue to be true without recognition.

and at night he would watch the clock and understand the un-clock,
and he would wake thrilled from world glimpses in mornings

(c) nitrotic