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More Drugs

you're making a mistake
i almost forgot to tell you
i meant to be awake
i really meant to thank you

but what i did instead
i cannot recommend
the static fills my head
leaves me feeling like
running to the train
he flipped over a snowback
he's not in any pain
in fact he's totally silent

and like they always said
we make our own regrets
the train goes through your head
leaves me to kneel down when you come home to me
i really i want to take you
to the mountains and the trees
that is when i'll kiss you

smile as the sun goes down
spinning like a slot machine
lovely as the day is long
she lets me keep it here with me

when the cows come home
that is when i'll make you
coming in or going out
make your fucking mind up

Lyrics transcribed by Nitrotic, infamous for aural comprehension problems. Please email corrections.