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no need to explain
i was wrong again
you're my friend
didn't mean what i said
maybe we should reconnect
did i forget respect

you took it all
off the bad
inside my brain

i can't explain
i screwed up again
i feel insane

the true believers hold
that everything turns gold
we'd bring the flakes back home
no it's not a dream
it's a blue commission
have i explained
we'd rather miss the train
'cause true belief's insane

it cannot work
it cannot work
it cannot work
for you

we come back down
give me a hug
it took some coals to solve your case
but we're not blue

another day run through
but we're not blue
we contemplate the rain the rain delay delay delay delay delay delay too late
too long
let's just move on

Lyrics transcribed by Nitrotic, infamous for aural comprehension problems. Please email corrections.