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we knew as soon as we arrived at the clearing that
it was the perfect place to spend the night.  the tropical 
trees lumped thickly overhead, casting erratic brackish
patterns over everything, and mosquitoes swarmed thickly
as bedsheets over the oozing bed of algae -- a sorry excuse 
for a pond.  [apotheosis] swatted neurotically at the backs
of his legs, turning the flesh scarlet in attempts to ward 
off bugs that weren't there in the first place, and emiline
kept tracing bizarre patterns over the rocks with the
flashlight, which was a weak contraption of yellow plastic 
and wanning filaments.  i carried the support beams of the 
tent like the magical staff of an african shaman; the "tent" 
was really just a bunch of bamboo sticks and blue nylon 
blankets that emiline wore draped about her toga-style, 
paired with green tights.  we found a place that [apotheosis] 
deemed free enough of bugs, tho he continued to slap his 
legs and scratch his head manically, and i stuck the bamboo 
in the ground and emiline took off her toga -- she had a 
purple swimsuit on underneath, a one-piece deal with diamond 
cutouts in the straps.  we settled down under the makeshift 
tent and it promptly collapsed, and i began giggling 
hysterically and couldn't stop, for maybe an hour or two . . . 
we figured it was probably best like that, we left the tarps 
draped round our shoulders and i set the flashlight on my 
shoulder and emiline pulled out a spoon and some powder and
[apotheosis] got a spike and a lighter -- it was *my* lighter, 
it had cost twelve dollars and it read seBADoh -- and we were 
ready.  twelve minutes later we had heroin boiling in our 
veins and it was the best trip ever, maybe, this pure heroin 
from belize, in the pure pure belize rain forest, and we all 
lied down together beneath the blue blanket, my head on
[apotheosis's] chest and emiline in my arms, and we slept.

surprisingly the morning found sunlight washed over us, a 
sickly radiation but much more than we expected thru all 
those trees and vegetation.  we looked at each other and smiled 
and sighed for a long time, examining our dirty pale thin 
bodies and ruddy complexions and contorted arm veins and how 
bizarrely dead we all looked.  we decided to go on a hike 
through the forest.  [apotheosis] burroughed himself in the 
nylon blankets and paraded about brandishing the bamboo sticks 
wildly and yodeling, and emiline walked backwards for an hour 
and pretended to be a holocaust victim on a death march, & 
then i started getting the twitches, so we sat down and 
reached for supplies, but [apotheosis] couldn't find the 
lighter!!  he had some codeine and methadone that he offered 
really apologetically, but we decided to split it, seeing 
we'd need it soon enough with our habits & no lighter.  i 
gnawed uselessly on a codeine tablet for half the day and then 
we stumbled onto this superqueer little tribal-like village at 
the opposite edge of the forest.  they'd had us surrounded 
and were threatening our lives with ice picks when all of 
a sudden -- "OHYEAH" [apotheosis] had this miraculous 
revelation he had put the lighter in his shoe, so he grabbed 
it and set a little patch of elephant grass on fire, and 
apparently this tribe is superbackwards and had never seen 
fire come out of a metal box -- so they bent down before us 
and started praying, and we plundered the village without 
conflict.  that night we got stoned atop a gold pillar amid 
the ruins of some ancient temple.  some things are only 
believable, it'd seem, in belize.  we gathered the tent 
supplies, drug supplies, and the flashlight, and stumbled 
without direction, seeking a clearing adequete to convince 
us we were pure.  but there aren't many clearings in belize.

(c)2000  nitr0tiC